Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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with the first time that we were in the holding pattern area, or the second time, okay. So, once I was aware that some unusual events were occurring, I wasn't sleepy anymore, nobody on the airplane was. We were all kinda interested in that obviously, and especially if Brad our co-pilot either saw something or was working it, we were all with him mentally and ready to support paying attention, yep.
INT:Do you remember McCaslin saying anything?
TG:Yeah, but again, I'm confused at whether it would've been the first time that we were at altitude holding, or the second time, but yeah. The navigators became very interested and they were looking all the time for whatever may be in proximity to our aircraft. And at some time they found it. And then I have to tell you too that contrary to my checklist, I powered my receiver equipment back up.
INT:You did?
TG:Yes, which is a big drain on the power of the aircraft, but I felt that was warranted at that time, so I did. And now again, whether that was the first time that we were at altitude flight level 200 or the second time I can't tell you, but I did turn my equipment back on.
INT:Okay, in the documents Colonel Werlich, who was the UFO officer at Minot, you know, reported to Wright-Patterson under AFR 80-17, said in one of these memos that the EWO had turned his equipment off and did not turn it back on.
TG:Yeah, that was not correct, I did.
INT:Did you talk with Werlich? Do you remember him interviewing you or anything?
TG:No. He may have talked to another electronic warfare officer and found out what procedures were that you would be in a shut down condition during that phase of flight in a local area. But because of the events that were happening, like the radar was seeing something I started thinking, 'Maybe there will be something electronic I can see.' Now this becomes a confusion too. When I was lower level and in a populated area, one section of my frequency spectrum was kind of flooded with signals, and it was TV and a lot of different signals. But it was normal to see a bunch of things. No matter what was there, I would've listened and analyzed the signal, and I felt that I didn't find anything unusual or strange. There were signals, but if there was something close to the airplane and it was a source of power emission or some type of emission, I would think that it would be possible to be in the frequencies that I was able to monitor.

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