Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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answer we'd say, 'Hey, let's switch the radios.' That probably occurred on that flight and in fact I could say that it did.
INT:In the document—I mean both radios went out while that—
TG:One would be command post one would—both radios? Okay. It could've been...let's say if I was listening to the command post radio and they were on approach control, and I wasn't hearing anything from the command post, usual condition, right? I don't care if they're not talking to me. But as soon as we would start switching around, or we tried transmitting, and now this all came back. Don't forget, we didn't land without communications, okay. So therefore one would deduce, if there was something in proximity to the airplane and the radios weren't usable—they were operating, but they weren't usable, but there was probably a correlation to that.
INT:You guys can't hear them and they can hear you. They're giving you instructions and they're hearing the squawking and then they asked you if there was a problem to send a May Day, and then they said, 'We hear no May Day.'
TG:Yeah, what the quick terminology that is identific—IFF, identification friend or foe, it's a burst of transmitted energy with a code to it and they would've said, 'Squawk ident.' Okay, and we would've done that, okay?
INT:You did do that and they did hear that.
TG:Yeah. So and then when I was talking about my scope and frequencies and emissions, well, I guess what we're talking about is the possible energy field.
INT:Which is odd that you didn't pick something up if the things affecting the radio, your equipment should detect something, right?
TG:Yeah, but in hindsight and Monday morning quarterbacking, you would say, 'My Gosh.' you know? Maybe an energy field blocked up—but in real time in the airplane we're switching radios around and we're okay, you know. We got back in contact and we weren't making a whole bunch of conclusions at that time that, 'Well jeez, you know, when that thing is close to us we can't communicate.' No. Nobody every said anything like that, or nobody even became excited about the situation—I mean, it wasn't...
INT:Well, let me ask you this. This...I'm not...this isn't part of your recall, but it seems to be part of most people's recall, that the object trailed you

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