Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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TG:No specifics. I think that they said, you know, other people saw some stuff and there was various reports of this and that—I don't know where we would've heard, other than there, that the alarm, intrusion alarms at—
INT:Did you hear that?
TG:Yes, I do remember hearing that and it could've been in that briefing. But I don't remember the General saying that. I remember discussion, yes. Here's what I remember about that—there were intrusions alarms that went off but there was no forced entry in all cases except for one place, but then that didn't make sense because a perimeter entry was not violated, so how did somebody get through barrier 1 to get to barrier 2, and some of those things were pointed out to us. And here's what went through my head, and this is what stayed with me—if there was an unusual encounter with something beyond what we knew about, their interest may have been a nuclear warhead, or the material contained in a nuclear warhead, if their interest was getting to a missile silo. That, #1, they would've known that material was there by some indication or some sensing or some perception other than happenstance. So that's what went through my head, and obviously radioactive material may have been something that they needed to power their vehicle or equipment, or whatever. And I don't believe that this was discussed with anybody either.
INT:How long did this debriefing last?
TG:More than 5 minutes less than a half an hour. Probably shorter—20 minutes.82
INT: Can we try and identify this other person that was with the General? I mean you feel it was somebody from on base?
TG:I feel it was somebody on base, and I feel that it was somebody I didn't know.
INT:So he could've been from the Strategic Missile Wing?
TG:Yeah. He could've even been from the Bomb Wing. It was just somebody I didn't know. He probably wasn't a General Officer. He might've been a Maj—it probably was an officer. I don't think the rest of the crew knew who it was either.
INT:Did you know Colonel Werlich?

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