Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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INT:Right. Runyon remembers being told to film the object, which is confusing because the only camera that could've filmed that would've been the bomb camera, and the only way for that camera to run would be if they opened the bomb doors, correct?
TG:No. When they're talking about film you're talking about radar picture.
INT:So there was no way to shoot film to the ground?
TG:Unless we had a camera.
INT:When you dropped a bomb, there was no camera that recorded that bomb impact?
TG:No But if you're taking a picture of the radar scope and you know your altitude, your heading, your air speed and the release time and point, which you could do then you know where your bomb would drop. But no way, shape or form would there ever be—other than tests now, you know. I worked with Rockwell and we had cameras that would film separations and drops and all kinds of things so we could study effects, but not in a B-52.
INT:Do you remember being ordered to over fly this object?
TG:I want to be careful with this because I've heard it. No, I don't remember. But one thing you learn to do in the airplane is that you listen to what you need to be listening to. And you might be involved, or they're talking to another crewmember or whatever. Although, if a General told us to over fly a certain point it would've been crew knowledge, not necessarily individual knowledge, and the transcript that I saw didn't reflect the fact that we did over fly. Did we?
INT:Apparently you did, yeah.
TG:Okay. So therefore then there's a break in the transcript of the ground control approach while we were doing that.
INT:Apparently you were ordered not to land, but to go back, over fly the object low-level.
TG:1,200 feet. Okay. Then my recollection of that is not real clear. What my recollection is Brad is seeing something, and Brad, being on the right side of the airplane means that if the thing was on our right side he's the only one that's gonna see it.

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