Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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INT:He would've been there?
TG:Maybe not. If he was off doing his interview [laughs].
INT:Apparently he was on his way to Atlanta.
TG:All right. Which meant then that the spokesman for the crew would've most likely been Ritchey because he would've been the most ranking person, although I believe he was a captain and I was a captain. But normally the hierarchy of the crew, you would consider pilot, radar nav, any co-pilot, EW, navigator, gunner, you know, some mix of that. But if the pilot wasn't there, then radar probably would've been the responsible party for the group.
INT:Do you remember being in that office? What were you being asked?
TG:It was very incomplete, as though almost like we were trying to contribute some of our experience, you know, like McCaslin might've been talking a little more than he was being asked, or Brad, or maybe the two would even be talking up at the same time to try to make a point. I don't remember it being very professional results. I remember it as being insufficient.
INT:In what sense?
TG:The right questions weren't asked by the interviewers. I believe there was another person in the room.
INT:So you're all sitting there—you're all on one side of a desk and he's—
TG:Or we're sitting around. I don't believe we were in a straight line. It was more of an arch-type deal and the General was behind his desk and it was not a small office. It was what you'd normally expect, probably about the size of this room.
INT:What sorts of questions were you being asked?
TG:'What the hell happened?' 'What'd you all see?' Like I say, it was professionally insufficient and the way I remember walking out of there—we may have gotten together afterwards and said, 'Why did they ask us this and that?' but they did say to us don't discuss this with anybody. Okay, and when you hear that and for me, you don't discuss it. You kind of stop telling everybody about specifics, or whatever. And Brad being a by-the-book guy would've said another word.
INT:Did they provide you with any information about this incident?

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