Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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TG:The pilot, being on the left side, he physically can't see around. The IP could stand up and lean forward and look around, but if it was to our right hand quadrant, either off our wing or further back behind us, the only person in the airplane that could see it was Brad, and Brad was seeing it, and he described it as a yellow football—
INT:Now do you remember if that was his initial recall, or during the over flight?
TG:I remember it—
INT:Let's put it this way—you actually had interaction with that object twice and both times your radios went dead.
TG:The radios went dead. Okay, now you're really telling me something. No, I didn't know that. My recollection is that when we were at altitude that not only did the radars see it, but Brad saw it, then when we're really getting a good look at it, which obviously was the low-level, Brad is also the one seeing it. To me it was on our right rear. And I want to say something on this record here. If Brad Runyon saw that thing, he saw it. It was there.
INT:Qualify that.
TG:Because of the credibility of that individual. He was a very professional person and morally, I mean, you could trust that guy to the end of the earth, and he didn't imagine anything. I mean everything would've been real time, genuine and described to the best of his knowledge and for everybody else's benefit. It was totally creditable.
INT:Okay. You guys are good friends?
TG:We were good friends. Oh yeah, crewmembers were very close.
INT:In your initial interview with Jim Klotz, you mentioned that Brad saw the object out of his window, this football object—that there was a glow in the cockpit. Could you talk about that?
TG:Okay. I looked around to the cockpit. I could turn physically like this and see up into the cockpit area.
INT:Could you see the pilots?

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