Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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INT:Well, during the debriefing apparently the General Officer told you guys at the time that there had been an intrusion, and one of the blast doors had been moved. Now that's a 20-ton blast door on rails so that's no small feat.
TG:If he would've said, 'blast door' then I believe I knew enough at that time that I would've known what a blast door was and that would've registered. What registered with me was a maintenance entry door.
INT:Okay, so the point is that during the debriefing, it's claimed that the GO told you guys that they sent out two security personnel out in the security vehicle—they didn't hear from 'em. They got concerned, they sent out a second team of security personnel—two guys. These guys got to the site, and I'm not sure what the site is. When this other security team got up to the site, they found the two security personnel unconscious on the ground with the paint burned off the top of their vehicle, and the perimeter fence around the silo smashed to the ground.
TG:Have you got this as a recorded documentation from the people that got there—the second crew? Whether they told us that—
INT:That's what Brad [recalls].
TG:All right. Here's the absolute truth—when you say those things, there's haziness in my mind. Whether that makes me recall it, or now I'm recalling it 'cause you said it—Okay. Let's leave it in extreme haze, as far as I'm concerned.
TG:Okay. Let me go back to Brad again—if Brad says that in our debriefing, first off, who in that debriefing, his would be the most attentive, responsive and responsible—who's going to be the most...Brad, right?
TG:Most of this is on Brad's shoulders. If Brad, from that debriefing, said that the General said that the blast door was moved, not the crew, not the maintenance entry door—if Brad said that, that's what it was.
INT:We're also talking about security personnel unconscious on the ground, the security vehicle with the paint burned off the roof, and a fence smashed down, you know?
TG:The fence was smashed in?

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