Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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INT:Okay, what was your classification?
TG:I was Top Secret, ESI.
TG:Now, I don't know how quick you think this all happens, but from landing time, taxi time, bus time, maintenance debriefing, prepare to go into debriefing, have a beer, get into debriefing, get back on the bus, get back to the wing headquarters and be done so you can walk out to your cars—probably beyond an hour, maybe an hour and a half.
INT:Okay, the debriefing, what does that entail?
TG:It was formal debriefing. Each aircraft specialty—engines, radar, electronic countermeasures, gunnery, hydraulics, electrical—those maintenance people would all be there and then we as a crew would go in and we'd sit pilot, co-pilot, radar nav, nav, EW, gunner and they would read our write-ups, and then if there was a question on understanding what the write-up meant, we would verbally communicate to tell 'em. Once it was all understood, they'd say, 'Thank you very much.' They'd go work on the airplane, or make work orders to work on the airplane, and we would pack up our stuff and go back out on the bus.
INT:Do you remember that evening if there was any discussion of the UFO event?
TG:Not a formal discussion. More or less, 'What the hell was going on?' I said this before. and I want to say it again, if we as a crew were gonna fabricate a good interesting story so we could take a departure from boredom, # 1—there wouldn't have been enough time to do that, #2—it didn't happen. If there was anything mentioned about the experience that we had, it was more interest from everybody, 'What the heck was going on? What'd you see?' It would've been eclipsed by the normal things that had to be done, that you were all interested in getting done, so therefore you couldn't spend a whole lot of time talking about this. We were still working, and we weren't done working until we put everything away in the wing headquarters and walked out. Then we were done. But then everybody's interest was going home, man. We're dead tired.
INT:Do you have a recall of a further debriefing on this instance?
TG:Yeah. We were told either in the bus, at maintenance debriefing, on the airplane sometime prior to everybody leaving wing headquarters and going home that we were to come back in at such a time in the morning and be in General's office, okay? And the General, to me, was General Thompson.

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