Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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JKOK, now this is the [radar]scope camera—
PMYeah, right, it was taking pictures of what was on the scope.
JK—and that's a sequence of stills?
PMI'm not—I guess it is, yeah I saw the film at one point.
JKOh, you did? And this is the film that they took from you on landing?
PMRight. They did show us that. My memory is that they allowed us—the targeting people called us in one day and allowed us to see it.
JKOK this was later, not at a debriefing?
PMNo, this was after the debriefing, and after we had debriefed the next day with the Division Commander, a two-star general.
JKYeah, I'm interested in that, so let's get to that when it comes.
PMOK. Now that was it for that night, we did our debriefing—
JKOK, now you land, you deplane, you go to the Operations Building.
PMRight, the Ops, yeah. And my memory is that they took the film, there were people there for the film right then as soon as we landed.
JKDo you recall who those people were?
PMNo. I would assume it was Intelligence people, but I have no idea. And then we debriefed and we—you know, my memory again is that we debriefed what we saw, and then we went home. And, I remember the AC was saying, you know, "I'm not going to be here tomorrow," he was scheduled to, he had an interview with Delta Airlines, and he didn't want to jeopardize that.
JKDo you remember that person's name?
PMDon Cagle.
JKNow that agrees perfectly with what Brad said, he made some remark about having that interview the next day.
PMRight. I think they mentioned that we would probably have to talk to the Division Commander or something—they alerted to us that night but he already had tickets. I

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