Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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hard for me to take notes 'cause there's a fair amount of it, would you have any objection if I recorded this?
PMNo, go ahead. I think all I can tell you is what I remember. I don't think I can get fired for that [laughs].
JKNo, I reckon not. So go ahead, you were talking about Standard Evaluation—
PMNo. I was just saying that crew that I had the picture of was the crew that was involved in this incident - we were on a training flight, and I went out there after I got home today from work and looked around and I couldn't find it in my first look around, I know it's out there somewhere, but I do have a picture of the crew.
JKThat'd be very nice. I'm sure Mr. Runyan would like to see that.
PMHe may have it.
JKYeah he might. The fellow I'm working with—his name is Tom Tulien out of Minneapolis—did about an hour or a little longer tape with Brad and they went over in pretty good detail. Anyway, would you mind telling me how you came to be stationed at Minot?
PMI was a Navigator at the time—you know I came into the Air Force—
JKYou were a Captain?
PMI was a Captain at that time. I had come in through Navigator training and it was my first operational assignment, and I got there I believe in '65, and ended up in STANEVAL and went from there to pilot training, and for the rest of my career I was a pilot.
JKWould that have been Castle for pilot training?
PMNo. The pilot training I did at Laredo. That was right after this incident.
JKOK, so you'd been there a couple of years when this occurred.
PMYeah, I'd been there about three years.
JKI'm trying to get a picture of this STANEVAL. Were you guys a crew that flew together all the time?
PMYeah, sometimes you'd be called on to do an evaluation on a crew where you'd be the only one going. If there were a Navigator that was going, that needed to be evaluated, then I'd climb on the crew with him and evaluate him.
JKSo this is like qualification stuff right?

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