Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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PMRight. But, there were other times where we were evaluating a whole crew, for instance, to see if know sometimes they'd put crews together, and they'd have to be evaluated as a crew to see if they were ready to go on the line, you know as a qualified crew, and in those cases we'd fly as a crew, evaluating the whole crew, and then we had our own training flights that we did.
JKOK, and that's what this was, that day?
PMI believe that was a training flight but we were training the pilots... there were some pilots up front that were training with our pilots. In other words, training or evaluating, my memory isn't real good on that.
JKRight, that agrees with what Mr. Runyan recalls, that there were I think three—?
PMThree pilots up front. I don't recall who the other one was but I believe that he had been the subject of some evaluation earlier in the mission, or perhaps while this was going on, I don't remember.
JKOh, I have some names, but I'll bounce them off you after while.
PMOK. I remember the AC's name, I remember Brad, I remember my Radar Navigator, the other guy that was downstairs with me, and those are the only names I remember.
JKRight. Like I said, there's over a hundred pages of stuff in the Blue Book file, and of course we have what Mr. Runyan has told us...some of the names are in the documents and he mentioned some others. I was not in the Air Force, but it sounds to me like SAC did things that way, they would assemble teams, and the teams would pretty much stay together.
JKThat's the way it worked with the missile guys too.
JKSo then you'd get together as a team, qualify as a team, and then whatever the missions were, you'd do that together. I'm still trying to understand is that true of several of these people on the plane that day?
PMThat was true of everybody on the plane except the person being trained or evaluated.
JK—which was one of the pilots.

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