Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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JKSo the gunner is not in the tail in that model?
PMNo, he's right beside the Electronic Warfare Officer.
JKOK, is there a camera in the tail or is there a weapon?
PMThere's a radar in the tail, I don't believe—
JKThat's gun radar?
PMYeah, gun radar. I don't believe there's any camera back there.
JKOK, but there are cameras in the Bombay.
PMNot to my knowledge.
JKOh, I thought that there might be something, you know, for bomb damage assessment.
PMNo, not that I remember. If there was, I certainly never used it.
JKOK, so it wasn't a control that was on your panel.
PMNot that I'm aware of.
JKIf there had been, somebody would have had to commanded the Bombay doors to open?
JKAnd who has control of that?
PMMy memory is that it was done automatically at a certain point in the—
JKOK, so that's computer stuff?
PMYeah. But I think there was a manual—boy, this been a while—but the Radar Navigator could open 'em manually from his position to my left.
JKOK. Now he's got, he's got the main radarscope and you've got a slave?
PMYeah, that's right, so he had control, when I wanted to go to station keep I had to ask him to do it.
JKOK, so he's got the actual controls of the [radar] equipment?
PMRight, and the reason we had film of it, at that point where I saw something out there, I asked him to turn on the cameras.

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