Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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JKNo. I need to flip that tape over if you'll hang on one second please
JKOne of the fellows who is in our group contacted a B-52 pilot. Now I don't know who this guy is or when he flew, but he said, in his opinion, it would be normal to have the electronic warfare equipment off at that stage of a training mission. But yet, you know, you just said that the EW guy was seeing things on his equipment.
PMWell, that's what he reported to us. It could be that he had some of the equipment off, but, not being an Electronic Warfare Officer, I know they shut certain things down and there were certain things that were never turned on except in a wartime situation.
JKWell, that makes sense.
PMBut there were certain things they'd shut off, but I think some of the other stuff stayed on throughout the mission, but you'd have to talk to an EW to really.
JKYeah, I sure wish I could come up with that name...
PMIt's a damn shame because that's a clear memory for me, and he could clear that up, and he's the only one who really could. The other one is the Gunner.
JKIs that Arlie Judd?
PMArlie Judd. And Arlie would be able to probably confirm that 'cause he was sitting right beside the EW.
JKOK, so he sits alongside—you got two Nav's, right and left—
PMYeah, sitting down below sitting facing forward, and right above us and slightly behind us on the same level with the pilots, but slightly behind where the Nav's sit, and facing rear, would be the EW on the co-pilot's side and
JKRight side?
PMYeah, the right side as you're facing forward. Then the gunner would be on the left side as you're facing forward. Yeah, Arlie should be able to confirm that. Have you spoken to Arlie?
JKNo, not yet.
PMNow you know, I don't have a good feel for the time frame, but it was fairly close to when this happened, because I went to pilot training in December of that year.
JKOK, so that's like a month and a half later—five weeks later.

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