Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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occurred simultaneously with the—if they were responding to something else when this happened, I don't know what the chronology was.
JKYeah, it's in the documents that they were, in fact, responding to an intrusion alarm. Now the details I was fishing for was that there was damage to the top of the truck—
PMNow if I knew it, I don't remember it.
JK—as in blistered paint and one other much more dramatic thing: a silo blast door being off.
PMOK, well that would go with the inner alarm, but again, I don't remember that, I don't remember somebody telling me that.
JKRight. That's like 20 tons of concrete.
PMYeah, right. I do remember, I don't remember who it was that said it, my memory was that it was during the debriefing—but in connection with explaining an inner alarm, I remember hearing someone talk about how heavy these doors were, and how moving those doors would take, you know, a dedicated effort. It wasn't something that just happened like a rabbit running into a wire fence, so I remember that discussion, but I can't say that somebody said that the blast door was off.
JKOK, but I do want to make sure that I understand what you're saying is that as far as you recall that the inner security alarm had to do with the blast door and not the man access hatch.
PMNo. Blast doors.
JKBlast doors, OK. Yeah, 'cause there is a two-tiered, you know, human access deal at those sites. There's a hatch, looks like a Navy hatch, it's got a padlock, you go inside that and then there's a combination lock inside that for actual access.
PMYou know more than I do.
JKWell, see, I've been talking to missile guys from Malmstrom for five years. [chuckles]
PMI don't know a whole lot about it, in fact, I've given you just about all I know about it—it's been years.
JKet me see here, it's interesting, you know you've cleared up a couple of... this B-52 pilot these guys found was saying that well, you know, that Runyan's memory wasn't very good because you'd had to have had the radar in station keeping mode to see that.
JKRight. Now this is a TELEX to a Colonel Pullen, SSO SAC, and I don't know where that is, whether he's at Headquarters or...

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