Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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things, we've been looking at similar incidents. There are two incidents that are documented that occurred at Minot, one in August of '66 and the one that Bradford Runyan mentioned that you were apparently there for in October of '68.
JK:Now, apparently Brad had been thinking about this for some time. One of the other fellows I'm working with has interviewed Bradford at his home on videotape in February of this year, Mr. Runyan made a report to the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago Illinois, and that's where the fellows that I work with heard of the incident.
JK:Then we went and got the Blue Book file on it, which are over a hundred pages.
PM:On that incident?
PM:Heck, I never could find it. I looked at various times. I didn't make a real hard search trying to find it, but I've often wondered what happened to the report.
JK:Well, I do have that material and I'd be glad to send you a copy if you're interested in it. After we talk about this, we'll also be glad to send you a copy of the taped interview with Bradford Runyan.
PM:Yeah, sure. Hey, I'm going to run upstairs and get on the mobile [phone]. I'm down here, and I'm afraid that the TV's gonna feed back into the phone. It'll just take me a second.
JK:OK, sure. [Break]
PM:Ok, I'm on. I haven't seen [Brad] since not long after that incident. I cleaned out the garage this summer, and I have a picture of that whole crew. We were in STANEVAL— I don't know if you're familiar with what that is.
PM:STANEVAL are the people who—that's Standardization and Evaluation. Those are the people who evaluate the other crewmembers. They aren't necessarily trainers, although they can do that. They're the people that say whether somebody's qualified to fly the airplane or not, and give them their periodic evaluation.
JK:Before we go any further I'd like to ask you something. Because I have certain questions I'm going to want to ask you based on what Mr. Runyan has said... but it's going to be

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