Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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PMOK, now I'm gonna say something, and this is really dredging back in the memory, but my memory is that at some point, and I don't know when it was, Don said something like: "I don't want to see this thing" or something like that, "because I don't want to have to show up at the debrief," something like that.
JKIt's not too healthy to an aircraft pilot's career to have sightings like that.
PMYeah. I don't know if that was on his mind, I can't read his mind, but I do know from what he said that he was concerned about his airline pilot career, and, as far as I knew, he had that interview the next day. So he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize him being able to go for that. My memory is that he said or did something that would, you know, put him in a position of not being able to add anything to what was seen, so he'd be clear to go.
JKWhat I have in the transcript is that he got up and went back to the cot.
PMI wasn't up there, so I have no way to know. I know he was very concerned about not having to stay and debrief this thing, and then putting his job in jeopardy, you know what I mean?
JKRight. Let me jump back to the debriefing. Mr. Runyan talked about being told about these two Air Policemen and this object coming down above them. There were also some details that he gave about some things that occurred at the missile silo they were at or near.
PMOk, I, and again, you'd like to see if I could corroborate that? OK, all I can tell you is that my memory is that there were two alarm systems, and if my memory serves, the outer alarm is one that goes off when the fencing around the silo is violated somehow, and that will go off sometimes when there is a heavy rain or a rabbit runs into it or something; it's not an unusual occurrence. The inner alarm, if my memory serves, is one where the silo doors themselves have moved, or something, you know I'm not a missile guy, but my memory is the silo doors have been violated somehow. There had been an outer alarm, and shortly thereafter, an inner alarm at one of the remote sites. In other words, one that wasn't connected to the command site where the guys are located and is capable of firing missiles at remote sites where there are no people. My memory is that it happened at one of the remote sites. And the inner alarm is a fairly—the way it was explained, and at the time it was explained my memory is that it was a fairly serious thing, had to be reported I believe, to SAC Headquarters because it was a fairly firm indication that somebody was messing with those doors.
JKRight. In your memory is that connected with these two Air Policeman that had the close encounter?
PMWell, those incidents were all reported during the same debriefing, I don't know what the chronology was, I don't know if they were responding to that alarm or if that alarm

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