Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 11 November 2000

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bombing the position, and when they—there was an expletive from the top, and they started describing this thing and asking if I wanted to come up and see it.
JKWell, according to Mr. Runyan, it was quite a sight.
PMYes, after the fact when we were talking in the debriefing, and, you know, as we were taxiing in and all that, everybody agreed it was pretty spectacular.
JKDid he describe it to you?
PMThe description to me, and I don't remember if it was Brad or one of the other pilots. The description to me was this: that it was an elliptically shape—elliptical shape, kind of a cough drop-shaped thing, glowing orange with a boomerang exhaust, or boomerang shaped exhaust or whatever, an fluorescence off one end the same color, and that's all I remember of the description.
JKWell, that agrees pretty darn close with what Mr. Runyan said. Well, if I can, let me bounce some names off you.
JKI have James Partin P-a-r-t-i-n
PMPartin—don't remember him.
JKOK, he was one of the pilots. Now he may have the guy been undergoing... undergoing... [evaluation]
PMCould be.
JKDon Cagle?
PMDon was my AC [Aircraft Commander].
JKI have a Captain Ritchie.
PMMy memory is that he was a Major then, but maybe not. Chuck Ritchey was his name and Chuck was the Radar Navigator.
JKOK, I have you, I have Tom [struggling with pronunciation] Guidutta...? It's spelled phonetically, because I've just heard it spoken...[Thomas Goduto].
PMYeah, it's a strange name, and I know that's one of those names I couldn't remember. Tom was the Electronic Warfare Officer, and I believe he was a Captain too. Tom— god! you don't have a good spelling on that?

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