Kim (Werlich) Flippo and Melody (Werlich) Gibson Interviews, 12 February 2001 & 18 February 2001

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KF:I do remember something else that he had said too about that. I want to say that he went out there with like a Geiger counter or something like that—and that the measurements, you know, were just way off the chart.
JK:Oh, OK, that is interesting because that is not mentioned.
JK:No, but he was trying to get the best information he could to submit to the people at Wright-Patterson who ran the UFO project.
KF:Does it say anything in there about the—like the controls that are—I wanna say are on top of the silo, on top of the missile thing that were changed—
KF:—or were different?
JK:The co-pilot of the B-52 recalls that when he was at a debriefing the next day at the Air Division Commander's office, he was told that one of the blast doors on one of the silos had been tampered with.
JK:The documents, and this is your father's words, say that at one of the silos both the outer and inner security alarms were sounded during the time the UFO was flying around, and that when one of the two man teams got there they found the outer gate standing open and the access hatch—and this would be like one of those hatches you'd see in a Navy submarine—
JK:—one of those hatches was open and the combination lock inside of that had been moved.
KF:Yeah! That jibes with what I can recall my dad talking about. I didn't know it was a combination lock or anything, but yeah it was a hatch—he said that hatch had been opened.
JK:In that same document he makes the statement that they'd had two or three incidences and they thought it was pranksters or ex-Air Force guys that still had keys fooling around. I've been through that country out there and there's nothing out there.
KF:It's desolate. We hated every minute of it! [Laughs]

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