Kim (Werlich) Flippo and Melody (Werlich) Gibson Interviews, 12 February 2001 & 18 February 2001

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pages of documentation on this incident, and in that file there are a number of memoranda and a report and telex either from or mentioning your father.
JK:I work with a group called the Sign Historical Group and one of the projects is an oral history project where we locate witness and other people who have had some involvement and interview them on videotape.
MG:I see.
JK:I started with this B-52 crew and interviewed all of them, so the next step in working on the case was locating the missile security police. In the documentation, here's a line from a telex that says: "862nd Combat Support Group Operations Division Chief Arthur J. Werlich." Gives his duty phone and home phone, and summarized his comments on this incident, as he was the local—
MG:At the missile site?
JK:Yeah, because he ended up being the investigating officer for Minot on this incident and they referred to him as a "UFO Officer."
MG:[Laughs] yes.
JK:So apparently he got the assignment when this happened.
MG:He got the phone call.
JK:Kim had certain memories of it and that's what I'd like to ask you, if you have any memory of it.
MG:You mean at the missile sites.
JK:Yes, and also regarding the B-52.
MG:Yeah. I remember mostly the missile site as opposed to the B-52. What crew was it that you interviewed? What were their names?
JK:They were Standardization and Evaluation so they were the guys that were putting other crewmembers through paces and certifying them for missions. The pilot's name was Don Cagle and the co-pilot's name was Brad Runyan. He's the person who came forward a year ago February.
MG:What got him to come forward out of curiosity?

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