Kim (Werlich) Flippo and Melody (Werlich) Gibson Interviews, 12 February 2001 & 18 February 2001

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on one side of their bird, and then on the other side of the bird, you know [laughs] a lot faster than that should have gone and so it's, you know, they had something appear there and then all of a sudden on the sweep it's all of a sudden on the other side.
JK:Yeah, that's exactly what happened to this B-52.
MG:Yeah, and dad mentioned a couple occurrences like that or he'd see something that he couldn't explain. No logical explanation. But he mentioned those few things. That was after he had retired.

Well I hope Kim and I have helped. I'd be interested to know who the hotel guy was [laughs] he said it looked like a hotel.

JK:Yeah! I have no idea. Well in this case they said "most likely a ball lighting of the plasma type."
MG:Yes. As a matter of fact, I saw a fireball. I was driving northbound on Highway 55 between Arkansas and Missouri, and I saw two fireballs. I called my dad [laughs] like the Airman 'dad! This is what I saw!' you know, so he got the phone number for me to report that to the National Atmospheric whatever in Washington DC. They were meteors that landed in Oklahoma—
JK:Oh! Interesting!
MG:Yeah, but that's what they turned out to be but they were like balls of fire going across the sky, it was just so neat.
JK: Yeah, I saw one. I presume it was a meteor, came over directly above me and it was the brightest green, just unbelievably bright, I mean it lit everything up around us.
MG:Oh, mine was bright red.
JK:Oh interesting. I suppose it's the different things they are made out of
MG:Right that's what color they burn. It was just the neatest thing. But then I was in rural, very rural Missouri we were fly fishing along a stream when I guess it was a piece of Russian satellite broke and came down, do you remember that? It was about five maybe six years ago. Anyway we saw that, we were out there, and to my mind the first thing I said was 'Oh my God, it's a UFO!' [laughs]. And my husband's nieces got all frightened, and I said 'hey! Think of Star Wars,' you know, 'it's really cool.' But the local Sheriff was swamped with phone calls, and they came on with a thing on the TV saying it was the satellite parts burning up.

Well, this has been a totally interesting conversation.

JK:I'm glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate you speaking with me.

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