Kim (Werlich) Flippo and Melody (Werlich) Gibson Interviews, 12 February 2001 & 18 February 2001

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Dorothy provided the following information: Both Arthur and his brother John had exemplary military careers, and John stood three tours in Vietnam. Arthur was the public information officer at several of the bases to which he was assigned. He was aide to General Ryan at Offut AFB or Fairchild AFB and to General Wade at Vandenburg AFB. Arthur retired from the USAF in the early 1970s. After retirement, Arthur worked in a local hardware store but found that this did not suit him. Later he worked as a civilian at Scott AFB with maps for aircraft. Dorothy affirmed that Arthur (and his wife) were both deceased; Arthur died March 6, 1992 at St Louis. He was survived by two daughters, Melody (Werlich) Gibson; and Kim (Werlich) Flippo. The following conversations are with these two daughters.

—Jim Klotz


Conversation with Kim Werlich-Flippo
12 February 2001

KF: Kim (Werlich) Flippo
JK: Jim Klotz

JK:Yes, is this Kim?
KF:Yes it is.
JK:Kim, my name is Jim Klotz. I don't know if [your great aunt] Dorothy talked to you about speaking with me?
KF:Yes she did.
JK:Do you have a minute now?
JK:I've been interested in UFOs for a long time. I've been working with government documents for about ten years, and for the last couple of years with a group of people who have taken on the task of trying to preserve [historical materials]. One of those efforts is an oral history project where we locate witnesses and do in-depth videotaped interviews. And right now we're working on a case that occurred October 24 of 1968 at Minot AFB.
KF:OK. My dad was Base Ops officer.
JK:I'm looking at a telex right now, "862nd Combat Support Group Operations Division Chief Arthur J. Werlich."

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