Kim (Werlich) Flippo and Melody (Werlich) Gibson Interviews, 12 February 2001 & 18 February 2001

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JK:Oh! Interesting.
KF:And I don't have any idea what's in that report; I mean I wasn't privy to that.
JK:I'm in contact with these guys that were in the B-52—they had been out about ten hours, and they had done aerial refueling, high altitude work, and they had come back to the base and were doing runway approaches. On their penetrations they start at 20,000 feet and work lower as they approach the base, and then either touch-and-go, or a low approach and go around again, and all of a sudden this thing comes on radar. It was seen to move at a very high-rate of speed on the radar, higher than any normal aircraft. Prior to this, some of the air police at various missile sites had seen lights in the sky. And two guys in a truck both were on the road when they saw this thing and reported it by radio. As you recalled, they patched those guys on radio through to the tower operator who was in contact with the B-52 so they could coordinate what the people on the ground were seeing versus what the B-52 was doing. So some of what you say is right on to the report.
JK:Now this B-52 went around again at low altitude and the two saw an object, a self-luminous large object on or near the ground. This was early in the morning.
JK:And if he [Col. Werlich] was called out he probably would have been on base by the time these guys [B-52 pilots] saw this thing, and they got a pretty good look at it. There are about 120 pages of documents in the National Archives in the records that came from the Headquarters of the United States Air Force, Project Blue Book.
JK:Now is Melody your older sister?
KF:Yes, she's a year older than I am.
JK:OK, do you think she would speak with me?
KF:She'd probably be glad to.
JK:We're appreciative when people talk to us.
KF:You know I just found it exciting and actually terribly scary back then, and I like to talk to people that—you know when my dad had some kind of—you know, something to do with something.

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