Kim (Werlich) Flippo and Melody (Werlich) Gibson Interviews, 12 February 2001 & 18 February 2001

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JK:I'm not sure except I know from his comments that this has been on his mind for all these years because frankly, they got a pretty close-up look at this thing.
MG:You know, my father was approached by someone else after he retired. And I tend to think it was the same group that published 'something of the gods,' it was a book. Not 'Chariots of the Gods,' what was it? I mean he was approached, and he refused to divulge any information at the time.
JK:Right, now the Blue Book documents have been declassified. I've got the names of I think about fourteen witnesses among the missile security police.
MG:Yeah, I remember that my father got the phone call, you know, in the evening, and from what he told us a young crewman told him that there was a hotel that was lit up right over the top of the missile site. That jiving with what you've got?
JK:Well they were certainly the first to report something, yes. I mean there are certain aspects of—
MG:Yeah, 'looks like a hotel on it's side, Sir.' [Chuckles].
JK:Now, I hadn't heard that. There are certain things that are in the documents, and there are things I'm being told by people who were there that go beyond what's in the documents.
MG:OK, that's what, you know, the phone call was a frantic phone call—some missile guy to my dad and he said it's right above the missile site and it looks like a lit-up hotel and it's turned on it's side, so that's—now I don't know who that missile person was.
JK:Well, according to the documents here, and I've been trying to locate these guys, but there were two—you know they have these security teams in a little 4X4 truck and it's two man teams—
MG:Yeah, and they're young.
JK:Yeah, 21 years old, and the two guys that reported something first were named Isley and O'Connor.
MG:I don't recognize the names. Well, the phone call was to our home.
JK:Right, but that would probably be from the Base Operations I would guess.
MG:No, it was from a guy.
JK:Oh really!

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