Kim (Werlich) Flippo and Melody (Werlich) Gibson Interviews, 12 February 2001 & 18 February 2001

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JK:Oh! That's interesting! Yeah, because the documents say that Isley and O'Connor saw something, they notified their security controller back at the Launch Controller, and the notice went on into other organizations from there. But it doesn't mention how your dad got notified, but he was the investigating officer.
MG:And he talked to them by phone from our home. At the base, it was in the evening, of course, and I remember him going out there, but I don't remember if he actually saw anything other than he told me that—I guess they went—the lid to the missile was open?
JK:Yeah, we're getting two variations of that.
MG:And that they used—it was like a Geiger counter maybe? And it was either the Alpha wave or the Gamma wave, whichever one is not a normal occurring thing and it was that particular wave that they picked up, yeah.
JK:In his report he talks about flying out in a helicopter the next day and looking at the location where the B-52 people saw this object.
MG:That makes sense, yeah.
JK:But it seems to me that he said he wanted to go out there with a Geiger counter.
MG:Well they did.
JK:Yeah, well that's what your sister recalls also.
MG:Like I said, I can't remember which particular Alpha wave or Gamma wave, you know, is the most prevalent, it was the other one, the one you don't really find very often—is the thing that was around the fence around the fence particularly, at the missile top—it had moved the slab—
JK:Yeah the blast door—the silo door—
MG:—extremely heavy—and that some dial was turned but there were these Gamma waves or Alpha waves that were real apparent.
JK:Well let me tell you what's in the documents. During this UFO stuff there were security alarms from one of the silos, and a two-man crew was sent out there. When they got there the gate was standing open, and not the big blast door but the hatch like a Navy hatch where a person would access it normally—
MG:Right, where the thing had to be turned?
JK:—that was open and there was a combination lock inside—

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