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Sign Oral History Project

Oral History Conversations with
Kim Werlich-Flippo, 12 February 2001: and
Melody Werlich-Gibson, 18 February 2000

surviving daughters of Minot AFB investigating officer Lt. Col. Arthur J. Werlich

Date: 12 and 18 February 2001
Interviewer: Jim Klotz

TRT: 50 minutes
Format: Audio tape

Copyright: AFS/Dialogue Productions LLC, Minneapolis, MN 55404; and Jim Klotz.
Transcription by Jim Klotz with additional editing by Thomas Tulien.

This is a transcript of a tape-recorded interview conducted for the Sign Oral History Project and is essentially a transcript of the spoken, rather than the written word.

This oral history transcript may be read, quoted from, cited, and reproduced for purposes of research. It may not be published in whole or part except by permission of the copyright holder.

Thomas Tulien
Sign Oral History Project

In the process of locating witnesses listed in the Project Blue Book file for the 24 October 1968 Minot AFB case, I came to the 862nd Combat Support Group, Operations Division Chief, Lt. Col. Arthur Julian Werlich. Col. Werlich conducted the local (Minot AFB) UFO investigation and is referred to in the documentation as the Minot "UFO officer." Calling the Werlich listings from an Internet White Pages I eventually contacted family members who offered to assist in our search. On 17 February 2001, Dorothy Werlich, the widow of Arthur Werlich's older brother John David Werlich, contacted me.

Dorothy turns out to by an extraordinarily energetic woman in her 70s with a great memory. She is a National Science Foundation Fellow, and taught math and sciences in California for years. She had lived in Dayton (apparently her husband Lt. Col. John Werlich was stationed at W-P AFB at some point), and knew of FTD and Project Blue Book.

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