1. Ground-visual UFO Observations (2:15-3:44)

2. B-52 Air-radar UFO Observation (3:44-4:02/4:06:51)

3. B-52 and the Ground Observers at N-7

4. B-52 Air-visual UFO Observations (4:24-4:28)

5. Oscar-7 Launch Facility Break-in (4:49)

6. Final Ground-visual UFO Observations (4:26-5:34)


Narrative of UFO Events at Minot AFB
on 24 October 1968

Thomas Tulien

3. B-52 and the Ground Observers at N-7

As the B-52 continued its descent to Minot AFB, the remote observers at N-7 were unaware a UFO was closely pacing the B-52, and that the pilots had lost two-way communications with RAPCON. At some point, the Base Operations Dispatcher informed them that a B-52 was diverted to area, and they were directed to the precise time and location of the incoming aircraft. O’Connor noted that, “a B-52 was sent to the area to check out the sighting and was seen west of the object at first.”[91] Jablonski compared the bright illumination of the UFO to the landing lights of the approaching B-52:

As to the alternating illumination, particularly the white, it appeared as two or three automobile headlights. When the B-52 had flown in its search it had been using its landing lights which were quite similar in nature. As to avoid confusion between the plane and the object Base Ops had pointed out where and when we saw the B-52. Must add that the B-52’s engines could be easily heard while the UFO made no sounds to be heard at about the same distance. [92]

The N-7 personnel had been observing the UFO in the southeast, but when the B-52 appeared high in the west-southwest, the UFO descended to the horizon and was no longer observed in the area. According to Jablonski:

Just prior to our sighting the diverted B-52 in the WSW the object had descended gradually and for 1 minute or 2 had appeared to be obstructed by trees. . . . When the B-52 flew in the vicinity (SSE) it was no longer seen in that location.[93]

November-7 Launch Facility looking southeast

November-7 Launch Facility looking southeast.

It is intriguing to note, about the same time the UFO disappeared from view southeast of N-7, another UFO, which had been pacing the B-52 high in the northwest, also disappeared from the B-52 radarscope, just prior to emerging into view below the overcast and haze above 9,000 feet. The visibility at lower altitudes was 25 miles and clear.[94] Dr. Claude Poher’s recent photogrammetric analysis of the B-52 radarscope photographs proposes that the aircraft was at an altitude of 8865 feet, while 18.8 nautical miles from the runway at the time of the last radarscope photo. This position is west-southwest of N-7, and suggests that the UFO broke off just before the observers at N-7 first observed the B-52. In fact, the ground observers could clearly see and hear the incoming B-52 but did not observe the UFO pacing the aircraft.

N-7 looking south from the front gate

N-7 looking south from the front gate.

N-7 looking southwest from the front gate

N-7 looking southwest from the front gate, with Lake Darling, the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge, and Grano Crossing in the distance. A satellite view of November-Flight (zoom-in to view N-7 and surrounding area) is available from Wikimapia.

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