Ground Observations: 4:26-5:34

At 4:26 the Base Operations dispatcher noted "Object direct S/W of N-1 moving north then lights went out" (0926-1010). At the same time, the B-52 was on the downwind leg of the traffic pattern observing the stationary UFO on or near the ground. At 4:40, the B-52 landed and came to a full stop. At 4:49, both Outer and Inner-zone intrusion alarms sounded at the Oscar-7 Launch Facility. By coincidence, O'Connor and Isley were driving past O-7 on their return to base as the Security Alert Team was arriving to investigate. While driving back to N-1 on patrol, Jablonski and Adams observed a stationary UFO near the ground in the WSW, changing from a bright orange-red, to white and finally green, which gradually diminished. (Jablonski, AF-117, 5, 6, 9). Bond noted that the UFO "appeared to land and slowly changed to a dim green, after about 15 minutes it disappeared (gradually)" (AF-117, 5).