6. B-52 Flight Track: Outbound from TACAN to WT Fix

The communications transcript between the B-52 pilots and the Radar Approach Controllers begins when the B-52 is over the runway at 3:44. (See: Discrepancies and Omissions, 1).The B-52 is given clearance to the WT fix at FL200 (20,000 feet altitude). RAPCON then requests that the pilots "look out toward your 1:00 position [in the direction of N-7] for the next 15 or 16 miles and see if you see any orange glows out there… Somebody is seeing flying saucers again" (Transcription, 0835). At 3:52 the pilots are informed that “the UFO is being picked up by weathers [sic] radar also, should be your 1:00 position 3 miles now” (0852). Shortly after, B-52 Navigator Capt. Patrick McCaslin notices an unusual, bright echo on the B-52 radarscope to the right of the aircraft. As the B-52 continues the turnaround, the UFO transits 6 nmi to the northeast, outside the turn radius, to a position three miles off the left wing following the turnaround (McCaslin, 2001, 16-17).