7. B-52 Flight Track: Inbound from WT Fix to TACAN

As the B-52 clears the WT fix at FL200 to begin the gradual descent to Minot AFB, the UFO instantly closes distance from 3 miles to one mile off the left wing of the B-52. At the same time, the B-52's radios cease transmitting. The UFO continues pacing the B-52 for about 4 more minutes before disappearing from the B-52 radarscope. Radarscope film is taken and 14 photographic prints show the UFO spiral around the B-52 near the end of the trajectory. Poher's photogrammetric analysis of photo #783 indicates the B-52 is 18.8 nmi from the TACAN. (See: Poher, Part 3.4-3.6). According to the communications transcript, after 4:02 the B-52's radios resume normal functioning. RAPCON wondered whether the UFO caused the radio troubles, to which the copilot responded, "I don't know… but that's exactly when they started" (Transcription, 0904).