Ground Observations: 3:30-4:02

The November SAT team of Jablonski and Adams would have joined O'Connor and Isley at N-7 around 3:30. Jablonski continued to report the UFO's "various maneuvers which occurred basically in one general area … S.S.E. of the Launch Facility" to the Base Operations dispatcher over the radio (AF-117, 9). The dispatcher notified them that a B-52 was being "diverted to [the] general area," and provided the exact time and location of its arrival (AF-117, 3, 7). According to the Transcription, and our reconstruction of the B-52 flight track, the B-52 would have appeared after 4:02, high and to the west-southwest of N-7. At the same time, the UFO they had been observing southeast of N-7 had descended to the horizon and "was no longer seen in that location" (Jablonski, AF-117, 5, 9). The time of the final observation of the UFO in the southeast varies in the documentation between 3:43-4:15. For example: 3:43 (Jablonski); 3:45 (O'Connor and Smith); 3:51(Adams); 4:00 (O'Connor); and 4:15 (Smith).