Ground Observations: 3:20-3:30

The 91st SMW security controller noted: "[3:20] SSgt. Smith at Oscar-1 saw the object separate in two parts and go in opposite directions and return and pass under each other. At this time [3:24] [Juliet] Flt and [3:25] Mike Flt Team observed the same things and described it the same way" (Wing Security Controller summary). The security personnel at Mike and Juliet-Flights were not interviewed during the investigation, and details of their observations are unknown. Bond, Jablonski, Adams, O'Connor, and Isley also reported observing two similar objects. Bond reported the second object was in view for about three minutes (AF-117, 4). Following their initial observation at 3:08, Bond dispatched Jablonski and Adams to N-7. Jablonski reported, "When first dispatched to N-7 another object exactly the same appeared out of the east and picked up speed moving towards the other. Never did see the two join as the second one disappeared" (AF-117, 4). O'Connor and Isley noted, "at one time there were two in the area" (AF-117, 4). At 3:28 the Base Operations dispatcher noted, "two are seen now" (0828). According to the Transcript of Communications between RAPCON and the B-52 pilots: “0830 (3:30) Controllers received information on UFO 24 miles NW.” This location was near Mike-1 LCF northwest of N-7. At the same time observers at N-7 were reporting the UFO in the southeast.