Ground Observations: 3:08

O'Connor and Isley arrived at N-7 and continued to observe the object "moving in a large circular area to the south of us" (Isley, AF-117, 9). O'Connor entered the facility and reported the observation to SSgt. Bond at N-1. Bond, along with his Security Alert Team (SAT) of Jablonski and Adams, observed the object at 3:08 in the SSE, estimating a distance to the object of 10-12 miles (Bond, AF-117, 1, 2, 7). He provided a drawing of the movements alternating east-west in elongated circular patterns (AF-117, 6). SSgt. Smith continued to observe the object in the SSW, describing the east-west movements as "steady and smooth rising slightly" (AF-117, 3, 6). Bond dispatched Jablonski and Adams to assist the maintenance team at N-7.