Ground Observations: 2:15-2:30

Oscar-Flight Security Controller, SSgt. William Smith first observed the object at 2:30, fifteen minutes after it was reported in his area by a Camper Team posted at O-6 (AF-117, 5). In a 2001 interview, Smith recalls the Camper Team was providing security for a Targeting and Alignment Team working underground in the missile silo when they observed "a large glowing object go down behind some trees not far away" (2001, 14-15). He indicated the position of the object 10 miles to the south near O-6 (AF-117, 1). At the same time, A1C O'Connor and A1C Isley were enroute to the N-7 Launch Facility to perform routine maintenance when they observed an object near the horizon in the east (Isley, AF-117, 1, 2, 9; O'Connor, AF-117, 1). As they continued driving south on the road the object appeared to be pacing their vehicle, while growing brighter (O'Connor, AF-117, 7).