Ground Observer’s View: 3:20–3:30 at November-1; two similar objects

Two similar objects from 3:20–3:30
View from November-1 LCF at 3:25 am, 24 Oct. 1968

N 48° 45’ 34.00” / W 101° 35’ 30.99”

Minot AFB Case/Reference Map

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According to the Wing Security Controller’s summary:

“SSgt Smith (3:20) at Oscar-1 saw the object separate in two parts and go in opposite directions and return and pass under each other. At this time Juliet Flt (3:24) and Mike Flt (3:25) Team observed the same things and described it the same way.”

According to the Base Operations dispatcher’s log:

“0828 (3:28). Two are seen now. Jet engines heard now very clearly.”

According to the Transcript of Communications between RAPCON and the B-52 pilots:

“0830 (3:30) Controllers received information on UFO 24 miles NW.” This location was near Mike-1 LCF NW of N-7. At the same time observers at N-7 were reporting the UFO in the SE.

According to the AF-117’s:

O’Connor: provides a drawing showing two similar objects SE and SW of his position. (AF-117)
Isley: provides a drawing showing two objects SE and SW of N-7 and states, “At one time there were two in the area.” (AF-117)
Bond: For an unspecified period there were two objects observed and he includes a drawing showing the objects moving towards each other and the (SW) #2 object disappearing at the point they meet. “#2 was in view for only about three minutes.” (AF-117)
Adams: “When enroute to N-7 another object appeared (same as the first one). They seemed to get pretty close at one time and all of a sudden one disappeared.” (AF-117)
Jablonski: “When first dispatched to N-7 another object exactly the same appeared out of the east and had picked up speed in a path moving towards the other. Never did see the two join or meet as the second one disappeared and no longer could be seen.” (AF-117)