Jablonski, AF-117, 7. In addition: “B-52 diverted to general area. First seen and heard approx 35 min. after first sighting of object [at 3:08]. Object basically stayed in the southeast, while the B-52 was in the southwesterly position” (Jablonski, AF-117, 3).  At N-7, Jablonski’s impression of the distance to the UFO was estimated at 3-5 miles in the south-southeast (AF-117, 2, 7), while the shortest distance to the B-52 flight track was about 5 miles to the southwest. At the time of the last radarscope photo (783), Poher’s analysis locates the B-52 about 6.5 miles west-southwest of N-7 at 8865 feet altitude. See: “3.4. Refining the B-52 Position With Terrain Features.”