Clark, Richard, 2003. Transcript of interview by Thomas Tulien, 11 July (Sign Oral History Project), 14.  Also, during the B-52 crew debriefing, McCaslin and Runyon recall that General Holland discussed an incident at one of the missile sites, in which a UFO was hovering over a security alert team in a vehicle. McCaslin: I don’t think he gave us a great bunch of detail. I mean he talked in terms of, “Well, a couple of security policemen were—had this thing hovering right over them.” Scared ‘em to death. A couple of young guys. [Hovering over their vehicle?] Over their vehicle, and that—my memory is it’s at that briefing where I learned that when they saw that thing leave them, they—my memory is that he said that it went dark—it was hovering over them—that it went dark and lifted up” (2001, 29). And: Runyon 2005, 20-21.