Ground Observer’s View: 2:30 at Oscar-1

SSgt. William Smith, A1C Bajgiar and A1C Vennedall
Oscar-1 LCF at 2:30 am, 24 Oct. 1968

N 48° 49’ 28.00” / W 101° 16’ 55.00”

Minot AFB Case/Reference Map

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In his AF-117, Smith noted his initial sighting at 0230. His attention was drawn to the phenomenon when: “I was notified it had been seen in an adjacent area. I alerted my sentries. The object was first seen in the southern part of my area by a posted sentry. I directed my gaze south of my position and saw the object about 15 minutes after my sentry sighted it.” He estimated the distance to the phenomenon as 10 miles. Smith includes a drawing showing his location at Oscar-1 just east of Hwy. 83, and position of UFO directly south near Oscar-6, indicating his initial observation at 15° altitude. Regarding conditions, he notes the presence of cumulus clouds, completely overcast, with no moon or stars visible.

At the time, a two-man security Camper Team was posted on the O-6 Launch Facility, 9 miles south (slightly west) of O-1. In 11 July and 25 August 2001 interviews, Smith recalled the Camper Team was providing aboveground security for a Target Alignment Team working on the Minuteman ICBM in the underground silo. The team radioed Smith to report “They had seen this light, a large glowing object go down by some trees not far away,” and members of the Target Alignment Team also observed the strange light (14-16. In addition: Smith, 2001a, 6-7; 10-11).