Wing Security Controller summary; and Bond, AF-117, 8. The 91st Strategic Missile Wing maintains a distinct, control communications network linking all 15 underground Launch Control Centers (each manned by two Missile Combat Crew Commanders, or capsule crew) with Wing Security Control, and by extension, SAC/HQ, Offutt AFB, NE. The network provided a secure communications channel and means to monitor the real-time status and security of all 150 missiles. The MCCCs would communicate directly with the Flight Security Controller, aboveground in the Launch Control Facility, who provided the security requirements for the 10 Launch Facilities (missile silos) encircling the LCF. The Launch Support Building was separate from the silo and housed electrical distribution equipment, a back-up generator, and brine chiller to maintain temperature and humidity-controlled air for the launch equipment in the silo. Bruce Ecker’s spherical panoramic image of a 1963 Launch Support Building at Ellsworth, AFB is available from: