Wing Security Controller summary, On 24 Oct 68 the following personnel, n.d.  In addition, the O-6 Camper Team of R. McDowell and W. Johnson are listed as personnel who observed the UFO. No time is given. Werlich appears to be unaware that reporting began with the Camper Team (and Target Alignment Team) at 2:15 a.m. (Smith, AF-117, 5). Note: under “Additional Ground Observers” in the Basic Reporting Data he includes a location “7 miles south of Renville,” which is the location of O-6 (2-3). Also, both Smith and the maintenance team first reported the UFO at 2:30; however, Werlich notes the time of the initial observation (only by the maintenance team) incorrectly as 0800Z (3:00 CDT) (2).