United States. Department of the Air Force. Air Force Regulation No. 200-2, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), Washington D. C.: 20 July 1962. Preceding versions available from: AFR 200-2, 12 August 1954; and, AFR 200-2, 5 February 1958. Regarding the decision to task the 4602d AISS with UFO investigations, see: A Different Perspective.The 4602d AISS was disbanded in July 1957, and investigation duties reassigned, however, funding was reduced and investigations were curtailed. The Feb. 1958 revision of AFR 200-2 restored investigative responsibility to the Air Base Commanders and Blue Book's responsibility for analysis and evaluation. See: Jacobs, David M., The UFO Controversy in America (Indiana University Press, 1975), pp. 133-136; 150-151.