Transcription, 0904-0921. Runyon recalled: “We proceeded on to the base and then we had a General officer came on the radio and told us to go back and — but, I mean, he could have been patched in from anyplace — he told us to go back and fly over the object. I really don’t remember whether we had film in our Bombay cameras, but we were supposed to take over and fly — over fly the thing and observe it and take pictures if we could”  (2000, 11). In addition Runyon recalls: “Before we could tell the ground people we wanted to land someone came over the radios, and said, he didn’t say ‘This is General such-and-such,’ he just said, they said, ‘General such-and-such wants you to go back around and over fly the object’” (2005, 14). Furthermore: Runyon 2000, 23-24; McCaslin 2000, 7-8; and Goduto 2001, 18-19.