Regarding ADC’s non-confirmatory posture: In the late 1960s, Grover Austad worked as an FAA controller in the SAGE building at Malmstrom AFB, MT. [Semi-automatic Ground Environment was a computer-based network of defense radars]. In a telephone interview conducted by Robert Hastings in December 2003, he recalled his involvement in the radar tracking of a UFO: “One night this object came on the radar and it was moving at tremendous speed. We estimated that it was flying about 2,400 mph. Now, the controllers who worked at SAGE knew about the SR-71 — even though it was still secret. But this thing, whatever it was, was even faster than that.” Austad continued, “So I called ADC — that’s Air Defense Command — to see if they had it too. The controller I talked to [affirmed], ‘Yeah, I see it, but UFOs don’t exist, do they?’ Then he laughed. The object played around for a few minutes. It zigzagged back-and-forth, covering hundreds of miles. Then it disappeared off the scope.” Austad said that this tracking — and similar ones that he heard about involving other FAA controllers at Malmstrom — were formally logged, and reported to the ADC radar unit at SAGE. “We always told them about what we saw [on radar], but they never gave us any feedback.” (This account was personally provided to this author by Robert Hastings).