Jablonski recalls: “You could hear them on the radio yelling that this thing was hovering above them or whatever. And we all went outside. Naturally, me and the other guy had to respond. On our way to the pickup, you know, everyone else was outside and you could see it (gestures to sky) — [Do you recall what they told you they were seeing?]. No, they were hysterical (laughs) like I said. Oh yeah, you could see it. And me and the other guy got in the pickup and started going down there…” Jablonski, Joseph, 2005. Transcript of interview by Thomas Tulien, 22 February (Sign Oral History Project), 10. Also, Bond recalled: “I remember the combat crew said something about the maintenance team was getting a little flaky out there and they might need some help from security, because they were getting a little scared” (2005, 21). O’Connor explained, “[Were you excited at all during — ?] Apprehensive, I wanted to know what it was I was seeing — didn’t understand what was going on and just knew that it wasn’t normal. I just wanted to report to the base that something was happening that I didn’t know what it was” (2005, 23).