McCaslin 2001, 29-33. Also: McCaslin, Patrick, 2000. Interview by Jim Klotz, 11 November (Sign Oral History Project), 10-11; 18-19. Holland’s story of the Air Police as recalled by Runyon and McCaslin, may be corroborated by 5th BMW intelligence officer SSgt. Richard Clark: “I don’t know how accurate it is, and I can’t remember who I heard it from, but it had to be somebody in the wing. I heard that they sent a crew out to one of the missile silos after the alarms went off and something happened to the crew, the motor stopped, the lights went off — I can’t remember. I don’t even remember which three silos went off. [Three silos?] Three separate silos went off and they ended up, what I did hear was that they couldn’t find anything” (2003, 14). B-52 EWO Capt. Goduto also recalled hearing about security intrusions at three missile sites. “What I understood, was that the intrusion alarms went off and security reaction teams responded but they found no locks, or no entries there.” Goduto, Thomas, 2000. Transcript of interview by Jim Klotz, 22 November (Sign Oral History Project), 5.