Don Cagle planned to be in Atlanta for a job interview with Delta Airlines later that morning. When it became apparent they were being asked to search for a UFO he excused himself from the flight deck, leaving Maj. Partin and Runyon in charge. Cagle had missed an appointment with Delta one month earlier, due to an unannounced Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI). His concern was any direct involvement with the UFO events would require him to remain at Minot and miss another opportunity for a new career. Early that morning, he flew to Atlanta for the interview and was hired by Delta, resigning his commission in Jan. 1969. During recent interviews (7 Nov. 2000; 18 March 2001; and 27 Feb 2005), he claims to have no recollection of the UFO events. See: Runyon 2000, 9, 26; and McCaslin 2001, 27-28.