Clark 2003, 22. A few days after the events, B-52 Navigator McCaslin recalls being at squadron headquarters when target studies officers invited him in to view the original radarscope film along with “a team from Washington looking at the incident” (2001, 36-37; 46-47). Also: McCaslin, Patrick, 2000. Transcript of interview with James Klotz (Sign Oral History Project), 15. Another account of the visit by “a team from Washington looking at the incident” is provided by William McNeff, the brother-in-law of Richard Clark, in a letter to NICAP headquarters dated December 3, 1969. Letter from William NcNeff to NICAP, December 3, 1969, NICAP/CUFOS files.

In addition, Brad Runyon recalls that around 1995, while taking a civil services test he ran into a former high school classmate. During the conversation, he mentioned that he had been stationed at Minot AFB. In response, the former classmate said that the CIA had sent him to Minot to investigate an incident between a B-52 and a UFO. Runyon explained that he was piloting the B-52, and the AF concluded that what they observed was not a UFO, to which his classmate responded, “They lied. It was a UFO” (2000, 25). Unfortunately, we have been unable to identify and locate the former classmate.