At the time the B-52 pilots were on the downwind leg observing the stationary UFO ahead of the aircraft, the dispatcher notes an observation ostensibly by Bond: “4:26. Object direct S/W of N 1 moving north then lights went out.” Following this, he notes the B-52 radar encounter and first go-around of the traffic pattern, but appears to be completely unaware of the second go-around and air-visual observation.  “A B-52 went out to location of sighting and saw object and had on radar 20,000 feet. Object followed B-52 to fifteen miles from base. During this time B-52 lost radio contact on all frequencies. At this time N-7 lost sight of object. B-52 went around again and negative contact. 4:40. B-52 landed. 4:40.  N-7 picked up object again 3 miles west of site … ” (0926-0940).