William E. Smith Interview, 25 August 2001(b)

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WS:That night— We typically didn't see them until late, 11, 12 o'clock at night, but it took most of the night, especially after things started happening. By the time we drove around and got tired, we're probably talking about six in the morning or so. We're talking between one and about three [o'clock] when most of the activity would happen. By the time we finished running around trying to find ghosts [laughs] and anything we could find, we're probably talking five or six [o'clock] in the morning.
TT:Do you think that the setting off of the alarms had anything to do with these objects going over?
WS:I really don't know. It's surely possible. But I know this for a fact: on occasion that did happen. Now that was a rare occasion that both alarms went off, and especially, it was even rarer since the gate was open, or unsecured without having a Standardization Team there. But we know that it did happen on occasion, and matter of fact, the data, they should have that data someplace because they kept data on the gate being open, kept data on one alarm or two alarms, and they kept data on whether doors were open or closed. I know they kept that because that gave us a profile of the sites we needed to focus on and be aware of. And the base would set up, from what I understand, I didn't see it, but from what I understand we had people that could go out and monitor them out from a distance, and sometimes without letting us know that they were there. Supervisors probably would go out and maybe monitor hot—they call them "hot sites" where you might have some activity with vandalism and that kind of thing and try to catch people. It was a very rare occurrence to have that happen, and then to have all the other things happening at the same time that makes it suspect.
TT:The B-52 crew in a briefing the following morning were told by a general officer that this object hovered over a vehicle with two people inside, very closely over the top of the vehicle to the point where these guys were scared and that there was a light emitting around these guys. And when these two guys, apparently security personnel saw the B-52 approaching, all of a sudden the lights went out on the object, it went black and this thing took off after the B-52. Now that's what this general officer told them.
TT:Anything like that?

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