William E. Smith Interview, 25 August 2001(b)

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WS:Right, and I remember hearing some things on the radio that said, "Here's the thing—here's where it is," if I'm not mistaken, they were saying at one point five miles from where they were. They estimated five-mile distance and then it was off to one side of the aircraft or the other, and then behind them to some distance.
TT:You remember a lot.
WS:I don't remember the exact one, but I remember hearing those come across the—what we were listening to, yeah, the size. And it would have to be big from 15-20 miles away for us to see it moving that way; it would have to be quite large.
JK:When we spoke on the phone previously, you talked in a little more detail about going out with the team—
WS:After all this had happened and things had calmed down I went out with the team, and we were just checking sites I guess, and looking around, and we thought we saw something on the ground, and again the glowing light, the coloring was pretty much the same, and, "Oh my gosh, here we go again." I wanted them to go closer and they said "No." This was in a field not close to a site, and I had one young man driving he was just scared to death, and the guy in the back I heard him put a round into his weapon which we were not supposed to do, of course, unless we were confronted with deadly things. But here this thing was and we're all frightened, so I'm sitting in the front and since he had it pointed at me I had to give him an order "Put that thing out the window—!" So anyway, we're driving and we're going north of Oscar [1] near Oscar-2 and we see this thing and it has some movement to it. It's hovering close to the ground and we're saying "We've got another one!" Well, I think I did call and say, "Stand by, we've sighted something. Let me get a little closer and we'll identify it," so this is the FSC on duty and he keeps calling back "Are you guys OK?" [Laughs]. So we get closer and my driver says, "I'm not driving any further!" And I gave him a direct order "You will drive this thing or get the heck out of here and let me drive it." So he drives further, gets closer, and guess what? We find out it's not a UFO at all, it is a light that's under a plastic tarp. You can see through it of course and this farmer had put this in his field to cover his hay. And I say this because that light, glowing through that transparent thing looked exactly like what we saw, except now it was much larger and on the ground. But the sighting was exactly like that, a sort of a yellowish light glowing under this tarp. And you talk about tension and stress!

We were all sweating, they all had their weapons ready to go and all I was thinking about was I want to get close enough to be able to describe and show that we'd seen this thing, they say "Would you have gone if they asked you to go with them?" Of course I would have.

We didn't see an awful lot after that. We did see some lights on occasion after that, but the activity level was not the same. We'd see them every so often and report it, and that would be it.

JK:What do you think maybe the total duration was?

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