William E. Smith Interview, 25 August 2001(b)

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WS:The key thing if I remember correctly was that the gate was, the lock was undone on the gate. That normally heightens us big time because now, it could be that someone left it unlocked because that happened from time to time. A crew would go out and they would think they locked it and didn't. But you could go out and you'd be able to pull on it and it would be open. That was one of our first procedures. And, from what I understand they could see that it was open, and so we went to heightened alert at that point, and now we know somebody was on the site. We assume that somebody is there, and we find, you know, we were using, get our weapons charged and ready to go, which they are generally anyway but now our level goes up of security. So we reported and they do their whole process, and of course don't find anything. I'm not sure if we put a camper on that site or not—if it would reset because both "A" and "B" went off.
JK:In the documents it says, I assume it was smaller hatch with access to the combination locks, it said those were moved—
WS:I don't recall if it was open, but I do know that on occasion, those things could be set off that would be the part of the contact alarm, it could be set off and that door would still be closed, so we found that on occasion, so the door wouldn't have to be all the way open. Matter of fact, I would do that many occasions when I was on Stanboard. I would go out and I would unlock that hatch and I would move it enough so that that alarm was set off and they would know that one of those doors had been moved. I just can't recall whether it was wide open or not. But I remember the standard procedures: you just go through that thing, the checklist, and we try to find if there are people there, and then we searched that thing for a long time because we knew that this was out of the ordinary. When any site had that happen to it, either a Stanboard Team was out—and gosh, you could go under the subfloor, and you'd really have to be, you know, looking for somebody because I was able to hide under all those subfloors, being small. But we were pretty sure Stanboard wasn't out, although that's always possible—well we could come out any time, but with all the things going on we doubted that Stanboard would try to pull something like that. So we were pretty sure that if in fact somebody was on that site, they were dangerous and we had to be very careful, or it was something happening related to what we saw that was going on.
JK:Well, if it happened to have been Stanboard that would be known.
WS:That would be known, yes. And, and one other thing, I guess around the same time we had a team on in another area that had a sighting, and the word got back to us what they seen. They had seen this light, a large glowing object go down by some trees not far away [gestures indicating object descending]. I think it was a Targeting Team on one of the sites. And so, things were just happening too quickly.
JK:Is it reasonable that where that Targeting Team was, is where the Camper Team was?
WS:Yes, that's very reasonable.
JK:I've indicated those positions on the map. The documents say that the intrusion was Oscar-7, and the Camper Team was Oscar-6 and those are quite close.
WS:[Reading from map] break-in and the Camper Team. I can't remember which site it would have been, but they would have had a Camper Team there. I just can't remember the site. Now, we could have had two Camper Teams out. Matter of fact, Oscar-6, if

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